e-governanceIndividual and Corporate Tax Consulting Services

Our transaction tax experts have assisted hundreds of companies with the tax implications of mergers and acquisitions, dispositions, refinancing, and restructuring. We have the experience and knowledge to help your business address the potential tax issues and benefits of your deal.

• Tax Advisory

SALT assessments: Sales and use tax, multistate income and franchise tax, Forms K-1 for pass-through entities, special purpose entities, apportionment factor planning, intercompany debt, unclaimed property, and multistate payroll reporting and management reviews

Tax controversy/audit: Audit defense, including transactional analysis; interaction with auditors; work paper review; tax controversy and dispute resolutions; reverse sales tax audits; voluntary disclosure agreements/negotiations/amnesty applications; and follow-up procedures to ensure future compliance

Credits and incentives: Industry-focused tax minimization strategies, maximized employment, training, enterprise zone credits, relocation and expansion incentives, tax process improvement, and automation with emphasis on controls

Product Pricing: Product pricing services assist in determining the pricing that related parties charge for goods and services. Thanks to the ongoing rise and increasing importance of the global economy, pricing for intercompany transactions assumes a greater role in the successful strategic management of corporate growth.

Our product pricing services include:
• Product pricing documentation
• Risk assessment
• Planning and consulting
• Dispute resolution

Personal and tax returns
• Employment and Hiring Incentives
• Investment and Real estate Incentives
• Business Operation Incentives