The Internal Revenue Service announced today that more forms can now be amended
electronically. These include people filing corrections to the Form 1040-NR, U.S. Nonresident Alien
Income Tax Return and Forms 1040-SS, U.S. Self-Employment Tax Return (Including the Additional
Child Tax Credit for Bona Fide Residents of Puerto Rico) and Forms 1040-PR, Self-Employment Tax
Return – Puerto Rico.

“This initiative has come a long way from 2020 when we first launched the ability to file amended
returns, which was an important milestone to help taxpayers and the tax community,” said IRS
Commissioner Chuck Rettig. “This new feature will further help people needing to make
corrections. This development will also assist the IRS with its inventory work on the current
backlog of amended returns. This is another tool we’re using to help get us back on track.”

Additionally, a new, electronic checkbox has been added for Forms 1040/1040-SR, 1040-NR and
1040-SS/1040-PR to indicate that a superseding return is being filed electronically. A superseded
return is one that is filed after the originally filed return but submitted before the due date,
including extensions.

Taxpayers can also amend their return electronically if there is change to their filing status or to
add a dependent who was previously claimed on another return.

About 3 million Forms 1040-X are filed by taxpayers each year. Taxpayers can still use the Where’s
My Amended Return? online tool to check the status of their electronically-filed Form 1040-X.

Forms 1040 and 1040-SR can still be amended electronically for tax years 2019, 2020 and 2021
along with amended Form 1040-NR and corrected Forms 1040-SS and Form 1040-PR for tax year

In general, taxpayers still have the option to submit a paper version of the Form 1040-X and
should follow the instructions for preparing and submitting the paper form.

The IRS continues to look at this important area, and more enhancements are planned for the

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