About Us

12ACMM Consulting Inc. practice has a great number of partners and professionals across our global network, providing audit, tax, accounting and advisory services to individuals and corporations in every sector of our economy.

Some consulting firms think only about business strategy; some physically deploy technology; but our advisory services help execute enterprise-wide performance transformation initiatives. We help turn strategy into reality.
We leverage our partner’s knowledge, skills and experience across our global network of firms to help clients identify and address their most complex business problems with confidence.

• Think about disruptions to your own business? We work with you to analyze any disruptions your business may face and how to proactively face these challenges and turn every encounter into an opportunity. This includes a strategic evaluation of the risk and rewards of standing still or moving ahead.
• Look, Listen, and Observe. We evaluate the industry to identify where your potential to achieve your business goals exists. We help you gain the advantage of learning how other industries are facing similar challenges on their path to innovation.

• Experiment. Accelerator as a service. Using our network of global professionals we identify startup partners to co-operatively implement and test your best ideas.

• Implement / Industrialize. We make your ideas real by having the benefit of ACMM Consulting global professional advisory team turn your ideas into real scenarios by scaling them to early success for broad deployment and enterprise level benefit.

• Comply / Protect. Protection Agenda. We critically review and evaluate your business performance to ensure you stay in line with both regulatory and cyber security concerns that could threaten your long-term success.